situation in Ukraine

bloody insane


all the pain

 thousands slain

for what gain

billions down drain

such loss of grain

etc in vain





please listen to these pleas

please refrain


must I explain


way back in 2014

a far right Coup

led to
NATO backed war against Russia

American imperialism again

War good for business

it supports Weapons manufacturers

 ain't funny

takes billions of taxpayers' money


how millionaire Zelensky

owning luxury American apartment

 is probably snorting cocaine

 and/or drinking champage

in inebriated celebration



isn't it thrilling

filling the country

with all that lethal weaponry


there's been a massive propaganda campaign

supporting more bloody war


please abstain

mustn't ignore

 this poxy proxy war


innocents die

many cry


have a heart

for a start

wars cause more global warming


it's hurting

no doubt

clearly flirting with all out nuclear war


so please let fighting cease

negotiate peace

peace peace peace


                                                                                                                                 (26 Jan 2023)


Azov Battalion Nazis




Earth Matters









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