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"Hi there pop-pickers trip-hoppers teeny-boppers mop-tops skinheads dreadlocks punks & hippies yippies yuppies crusties ravers would-be planet-savers travellers gatherers all my hearties WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME to this your very own DIY hi-tech barn dance jamboree & dig this you diggers

at our party we are here to celebrate the foetal heart's repetitive beats  yeah & if you think you've heard anything yet just wait till this baby is born"

well now & wouldn't you know now who should it be now but your old buddy

Grand Master Moisture

at the Medley Mixing Desk

& he's just pottering about you know with piping hot-stuff serving up some real alive Vibes for the Tribes & playfully picking a well kicking mix to fix flux of like luminescent electro-magnetic pulses & tracks of protons & neutrons with their high-energy elementary particles all strange charm & colours & that sort of thing not to mystify or baffle with science you know but to fire your neurons full-on

throw in a sprinkle of antimatter from the miniature Hadron Collider which sits next to his tobacco tin he often gets the two mixed up with hilarious if mathematically predictable consequences ever tried smoking a positron well time travels backwards & it's deja vu already you've only just arrived but it seems like you've been here forever it feels like home Welcome to the Weird Wired & Wildly Wonderful World of Quantum Dancing

yes tho to the casual observer it may look like he's only fiddling about haphazardly you know better he's fine-tuning nano-technology to manipulate molecules & modulate oscillations of atoms in ether

now the ignorant & uninformed may dis this as they are wont to do but listen dude there's something in the air you know vibrations are pressure variations & he's pitching them at you with increasing frequency & at amplitude they bang on those ear drums of yours that's tympanic membranes if you want to talk fancy you hear the clang of the hammer on anvil your auditory ossicles leading to the inner ear spiral you following so far well your nerve cell picks up the message d'you hear this information is a travelling wave of electrical changes signals that are action potentials & this pulse of electro-chemical charge follows the thread of axon to synapse & that's where your neurotransmitters come in you know

& you just gotta dance surrender to the body's wisdom no use fighting it in the battle of wills dear Mother Nature's way always wins in the end & it's a victory dance of triumph & exultation so dance your DNA dance it's like programmed into you the spiral ladder from earth to highest heaven & you are in happy thrall to the dancing gene genie your wish is its command to set you free forever from gravity the heavy downward drag & crash & you can be some giddy gyroscopic dervish twirled like a spinning top or a sky-dancer tip-toe on a mountain peak about to take off for effect you can chase a butterfly over the edge of a cliff & find you are borne up by angels famed for dancing on the point of a pin you know anyway dance anyway you like now you're free to dance that's what you're here for to dance them blues away dance the night away dance on a few graves before they bury you or you go up in flames you know if the music has a message it's this DANCE & love your dancing neighbours as you dance a dance of life as one you dance zero you dance one zero one

look at yourself now reflected in the CC video wall & see you are surfing soundwaves watch this closely as you dance now & soon comes the eureka realization you are not you unit you are a wave among the lightwaves & now the wall goes all fractal again & you are in a different world again the same world seen differently from another angle at another level zooming in & out to self-reiterating patterns of waves

if you lack imagination & need to wear a headset you are virtually the DJ anyway what's the difference zero really when you know it's all one in his VR he's one of the dancers too one with zero you

& flaunting & floating on the dancefloor there may be hologram dancers you know those who had to stay in bed lame invalided or infirm they too can validly enjoy vicariously via VR fibre optic connection to the heart of the action it's a technological miracle they put down their crutches & dance

since this is interactive boogie there's feedback info from the smart touch-sensitive dancefloor on the monitors brainwaves heartbeat simultaneously translated in his phones this automatically tho with manual override modifies slower faster higher lower the output or to put it another way he uploads you download in turn uploading him who downloads to upload you again you get the picture & the soundtrack that's how it works in theory we have the technology but in practice he prefers to use intuition it's more creative that way it gives him something to do

and you know the DJ's invisible somewhere hidden by light dazzling your eyes at most sometimes a shadowy figure a flicker of silhouette no sooner seen than gone inscrutable to you well anyway he's just a human intermediary a messenger a channel or conduit to receive decode & rearrange cosmic rays & then transmit on your wavelength you know it's all done by aerial a finger on the pulse & of course a quartz chip or two that little black box of tricks there you know he's wired to the world by a mobile link & stands in footprints of satellites a node in a multi-dimensional net trawling space-time like God a centre everywhere circumference nowhere you know all this is second nature to him he doesn't have to think

well he may be out of sight but he dresses up for show for the sheer fun of it his wizard's hat's a hybrid pyramid-tipi housing the latest in state-of-the-heart biological software & like there's chaos inside you know a continuous mutating series of fractal images from the Mandelbrot set behind those reflecting shades as he flashes a sphinx-like enigmatic smile that simply says SMILE :-)

h_smoking.gif (803 bytes)

so like the guy's a scientist-shaman-MC all rolled into one you know Host to Full House in ultra violet radiant white O all very techno in trance as he licks lips a-swigging spring water bottle like well a fountain of life as eesee he does it fluffily puffs at a spliff a-fire from mouth

& well his feet on the ground tap fingers snap clicking time to the music you know as ever so slowly languorously lilts he an O almost most melodious fluid flow of vocal liquid language in a slipstream of soft air breaths barely audibly intoning magic spell-prayer-mantra you know into listening microphone his drowsy sleepy patter like the little pitter-patter of tiny dripping raindrops on a coolcat tinny roof in rhythm as hypnotic heartbeat patterns of percussion made of O you know so many moving grooves of parts in particular & particles of all a-merge in one amorphous vortex whirlwind blowing jazzy jacuzzi pool full of swirling swimming singing soaring sonic synthesised symphonic sound & fury storm of maelstrom of Energy equaling Mass of bodies dancing times the Speed of laser Light higher to heaven thedisco_ball_md_wht.gif (18344 bytes) revolving crystal mirror ball crescendo you know

& now the ceiling seems to be lifting & some truly do believe it vanishes completely revealing a big round moon resplendent queen & stars like diamonds a-sparkle on sable satin or something similar amid the music of the spheres & satellites some even see a comet crossing the sky & just possibly a supernova well who can tell this time of night's too early for dewy glad day's Venus in the West but you know the floor may be slippy underfoot it may not even be there anymore but anyway you are dancing in space with no visible means of support except the music raising you asrainbow_twirl_md_wht.gif (12493 bytes) you reach up a thousand arms a rainbow sea anemone all oceanic

& can you feel it you know that quicksilver eeling up & down your spine like a mercury thermometer measuring sunshine in this heat with shivers of pleasure & sweat & a tinkle of glass laughter thru belly bass heart drum all the way up from the perineum to the top of your crown

don't worry it's all only a temporary excitation of atoms nothing to get too worked up about you know there's a rational explanation for everything even this tho better to hear with heart than head to bodily experience the power & glory like little children in hosannas hallelujah Jah

now with one foot & now the other you stomp on any negativity you stamp out whatever stops you from dancing free in life & love & you dance free like never before with arms & fingers tendrils reaching for sunrise in a sensitive exuberant exploration & expression of energy as you dance your body's exquisite electric delight without restraint

yeah well when the mix is at max now & this boy's burning deck pumps water to clouds of steam humid dry ice smoke red gold fire thru those speakers pounding decibels of syllables of sound pouring molten lava from alchemical melting pot of styles you know all of a sudden any time now no time at all now


pause of the syntactic synaptic gap between synchronised breath & heartbeat thought of eye open at the deep still centre inner-silent mind & well you know

Man isn't it another one of those shining golden Siddhartha moments when you hear & see so clearly you can't express in words the fusion within confusion & ecstatic flash of insight & white light blinding revelation into you know stroboscopic pulse & all of the a-spiralling lasers & dancing densely-textured so minutely-infinite & O complexly-simple it's obvious when you know it from the inside out in all directions always interdependence of the dance the dancers & the spaced DJ


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davy king





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