2009.jpg (5111 bytes)Some Headlines & Anniversaries...



GazaProtest.jpg (70384 bytes)

Stop the slaughter of innocents.

Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions against Israel!

Gaza.jpg (12402 bytes)

Israeli government & military commit war crimes, murdering over a thousand innocent civilians by dropping bombs on Gaza. Who are the nazis now?

Eyeless in Gaza




obama-inauguration.jpg (23953 bytes)                obama.png (7634 bytes)

20th January 2009



Barack Obama's

the cat's pajamas


(Remember this is just the REBRANDING of America,

where 2% of the planet's population consume 25% of its resources.)


Bye bye Bush

- good riddance to Bush's bad rubbish

Better news for America




jobcentre.jpg (17015 bytes)"UK unemployment was 1.92 million between September and November, up 131,000 from the previous three months, the highest level since September 1997.

That does not include the tens of thousands of jobs cut since November."

(Source: BBC, 21 Jan 09)


(includes video)



Guantanamo to closeGuantanamo.jpg (27738 bytes)

& about bloody time too!

"US President Barack Obama has ordered the Guantanamo Bay prison camp to be closed within one year."

(Source: BBC 22nd Jan 09)


Torture Couture


BURNS NIGHTBurns.jpg (5736 bytes)

& 250th Anniversary of birth of Rabbie Burns

(25th Jan 09)


Whisky's Risky


'My Luve is Like a Red, Red Rose'?



OxYearSmall.jpg (11546 bytes)



26th Jan 2009 to 14th Feb 2010

Animals of the Chinese Zodiac


How now Brown Cow?




buddy_holly.jpg (37732 bytes)


50th anniversary of death of BUDDY HOLLY

On a cold 3rd February 1959, the  innovative & influential  singer-songwriter died in a plane crash, aged only 22.


His music lives......




(7th February 1649)

RoyalFamily2007small.jpg (46581 bytes)

The English Monarchy was abolished by Parliament on 7th February 1649. Do something once, we can do it again! High time we got rid of such an anachronistic institution. A 'Royal' family has no place in a Democracy.


Darwin.jpg (33957 bytes)HappyBirthday.jpg (21024 bytes)

200th Anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth, 12th February 1809.


Darwin's Beard



bigOILslick2.jpg (52060 bytes)


"A large fuel oil slick thought to have leaked into the Celtic Sea during a Russian refuelling incident is heading to the coasts of Ireland and Wales."

(Source: BBC 18th Feb 09)

Oil's running out...




EarliestFootprintSmall.jpg (11566 bytes)

Earliest 'human footprints' found

"The earliest footprints showing evidence of modern human foot anatomy and gait have been unearthed in Kenya.The 1.5-million-year-old footprints display signs of a pronounced arch and short, aligned toes, in contrast to older footprints."

(Source: BBC 26th February)



"Dancing black hole twins spotted

Reseachers have seen the best evidence yet for a pair of black holes orbiting each other within the same galaxy."

(Source: BBC 4th March 09)

Stephen Hawking's Worst Nightmare?

Explore the Universe....

VirgoClusterSmall.jpg (17205 bytes)
A giant amalgam of black holes sits at the centre of the Virgo galaxy cluster


VenusTransit.jpg (7054 bytes)

Venus making a transit of our Sun


"Nasa launches Earth hunter probe

An unmanned Nasa mission to search the sky for Earth-like planets with the potential to host life has launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida.

The Kepler telescope will orbit the Sun to watch a patch of space thought to contain about 100,000 stars like ours.

It will look for the slight dimming of light from these "suns" as planets pass between them and the spacecraft."

                                                 (Source: BBC 7th March 09)

Goldilocks Earth

Explore the Universe....


cigarette-stubSmall.jpg (4486 bytes)  No Smoking Day:

  11th March 2009




25th Anniversary

National Miners' Strike

12 March 1984

(It lasted for a year!)

Black-faced Blackleg

00minersStrike.jpg (23531 bytes)


IraqVerseDKsmall.jpg (10558 bytes)6th Anniversary of Illegal Invasion of IRAQ

20th March 2003





G20,  London (1st & 2nd April 09)

G8, rich man's club, needs help from 12 other countries....

G20-Lands.jpg (34436 bytes)


End Capitalism

Capitalist      Free Country?

Climate Camp     Stop the War

360th Anniversary of the Diggers (1649)

Diggers' quote


G20.jpg (66114 bytes)


60th Anniversary

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)

4th April 1949

NatoNoNo.jpg (15803 bytes)

Don't get blood on that nice blue carpet...

NoNato.jpg (14112 bytes)

Remember this?


00nuclear_map.jpg (47929 bytes)

Proposed sites for new nuclear power stations

"The government has released a list of 11 sites in England and Wales where new nuclear power stations could be built."

(Source: BBC, 15th April 09)

This is an expensive & dangerous technology that leaves hazardous waste we still don't know how to dispose of safely. Oppose more nuclear madness! Support RENEWABLES!

All you need to know about nukes.....


Henry-VIII-1491-1547-aged-49-1540.jpg (45493 bytes)

500 Years On

Henry VIII became KING 21st April 1509

MONARCHY - unnecessary then & now



BritArmyIraq.jpg (19745 bytes)

British Army Retreats from Iraq

After 6 years as an occupying force, they've finally had enough.

About bloody time. It was illegal to invade in the first place. Damned war criminals.

Good riddance!

(30 April 09)

More about IRAQ


30th Anniversary

THATCHER elected

Prime Minister

4th May 1979

sad day for the UK

* La Maggiore

* Maggie the movie

* Rejoice!

MAGGIEbestSMALLer.jpg (47823 bytes)


Houses-of-Parliament-Corrupt.jpg (72264 bytes)

They're only in it for the money!




Free Country?




"More than 1,000 ex-servicemen who took part in nuclear tests in the 1950s have won the right to sue the government for compensation.
The servicemen say they and their families have suffered ill-health following the nuclear tests conducted in the South Pacific."

(Source: BBC, 5th June 2009)


NuclearTesting.jpg (39743 bytes)

Anyone for mushrooms?


D-Day.jpg (111391 bytes)

65th Anniversary of D-Day landings

(6th June 1944)

Image by Robert Capa (modified by DK)



smoker.jpg (8071 bytes)"Smoking disease costs NHS 5bn

Smoking costs the NHS five times as much as previously thought, researchers have calculated.
Treating disease directly caused by smoking produces medical bills of more than 5bn a year in the UK.
In 2005, smoking accounted for almost one in five of all deaths and a significant amount of disability, the Oxford University team said."

                                                                                   (Source: BBC, 8th June 09)

       Approximately one in four people smoke.

Confessions of an ex-smoker

Tobacco (the King James' Version updated)

Last Gasp


Swine Dirty Rotten.jpg (62629 bytes)


"WHO declares SWINE flu pandemic"

(BBC headline, 11th June 09)

Try calling it H1N1 flu virus. Not quite as snappy as 'swine flu' but more accurate.

Don't blame it on the swine...... it's the way humans factory-farm pigs that causes the problem.

Pigs packed together in close proximity on an industrial scale are likely to get infections, as would humans.



Queen-in-the-pink.jpg (59915 bytes)


So-called Queen's 'Official' Birthday, 13th June 2009....

Her Majesty, unlike us mere mortals, has 2 Birthdays. Isn't that a bit greedy, Liz?

The perfect present? How about declaring Britain a republic & letting the nice old lady retire?

In the pink, she may be, for her age, but anachronistic monarchy makes many of us see red.

AbolishMonarchy.jpg (8286 bytes)


Obama & the Fly

6a00d8341c730253ef0115712897eb970b-800wi.jpg (20207 bytes)


So the 'most powerful man in the world' (sic) swats a defenseless fly. Try picking on someone your own size, Barack. (17th June 09)

"As flies to wanton boys, are we to the gods;
They kill us for their sport."
                   (William Shakespeare, King Lear)

"Consider Man as like a little fly...."

Other dead insects:

Snuffed it

tiny white insect

War against Drugs Bugs...



25th June 09


death put a stop

to the king of pop


Ode to Jacko


michael-jackson.jpg (49500 bytes)



MoonLanding40.jpg (13646 bytes)

40 years on

First manned Moon landing, 20th July 1969. Neil Armstrong fluffed his lines....

Note for Astronauts


apollo4_150_0509.jpg (12842 bytes)



Harry Patch, oldest British survivor of First World War, dies aged 111

(25th July 09)

"politicians who took us to war should have been given the guns and told to settle their differences themselves, instead of organising nothing better than legalised mass murder". (The Last Fighting Tommy)

War & Peace

HarryPatch2.jpg (27969 bytes)






"The world's food production needs to double by 2050 to feed the world's growing population.
veg-1.jpg (16103 bytes)
But over this period, climate change, reduced access to water and changing land use are likely to make growing crops harder rather than easier."

(Source BBC, 10th August 09)

And, don't forget, current agriculture depends on cheap oil, which is running out....



"UK jobless total climbs to 2.4m

The number of people out of work in the UK has risen to its highest level since 1995, official figures have shown.
Unemployment increased by 220,000 to 2,435,000 in the three months to June, taking the jobless rate to 7.8%."

(Source:BBC 12 August 2009)

New Hope for the Unemployed!

(includes video)

There's fuck-all to do when you're unemployed....

unemployed.jpg (52963 bytes)




180px-Beatles_logo.jpg (6128 bytes)



Entire back catalogue re-released


fab.jpg (14910 bytes)

Beatles.jpg (34996 bytes)


hs-2009-25-a-small_web.jpg (10907 bytes)


Across the Universe....

"Astronomers are celebrating the release of remarkable new images from the Hubble Space Telescope....
The latest pictures include trademark Hubble visions - from colliding galaxies to dying stars.
Nasa says the orbiting telescope, regarded as one of the most important scientific tools ever built, should keep working until at least 2014."

(Source: BBC, 9th Sept 09)


For the USA, UK & France to condemn Iran for allegedly developing nuclear weapons is gross hypocrisy.

(25th September 2009)

The USA, Russia, UK, France, China, India, Israel & Pakistan, all possess nuclear missiles.....Why scapegoat Iran?


NuclearHypocrites.jpg (26585 bytes)




8th Anniversary of U.S. Invasion of Afghanistan

(7th October 09)

USA, UK & NATO are not 'winning' in Afghanistan.

They are illegal invaders, guilty of War Crimes.

Soldiers should desert.


TroopsOutAfghanistan.jpg (34191 bytes)


Imelda's shoes survive Philippine floods - many people don't!ImeldasShoes.jpg (15746 bytes)

"The famous shoe collection of former Philippine first lady Imelda Marcos has survived the recent floods in Manila.
Staff at the Marikina Shoe Museum moved hundreds of pairs just before water swamped the building's ground floor.
Marikina was one of the areas worst hit by Typhoon Ketsana, which killed more than 300 people in the Philippines.
The huge shoe collection is often seen as a symbol of the lavish tastes of Imelda and her husband, former President Ferdinand Marcos."

(Source: BBC 8th Oct.09)ts.jpeg (4831 bytes)

Footing the Bill  Philippines

Weather    Ark       Footnote





Truancy rate reaches record level

"The truancy rate in schools in England has reached its highest ever level, according to the latest figures."

(Source: BBC 20th Oct 09)

Is this necessarily a bad thing? Are school's so great anyway?

Truants might learn more in the university of life. Discuss.

truanting.jpg (37780 bytes)




HappyHalloween.jpg (20845 bytes)


(or Celtic Samhain & Mexican Day of the Dead)

Get spooked here!

Tricks & Treats to make flesh creep

Night out with Dracula



                     SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER

profNutt.jpg (22536 bytes)
Ignorant British government sacks chief drugs adviser, Prof David Nutt, because they didn't like the scientific information he gave them....ie that Cannabis, LSD & Ecstasy are less harmful than Tobacco & Alcohol.

Two other members of the advisory panel resign in protest.

Prof Nutt said: "It seems unlikely that any "true" scientist - one who can only speak the truth - will be able to work for this, or future, Home Secretaries."

(2nd November 09)

Tough nut to crack?

What this site has previously said on the subject:

Cannabis, LSD, Tobacco, Smoking, Booze


150th Anniversary

On the Origin of Species,

published  24 November 1859

Darwin's Beard



DarwinOrigin.jpg (33819 bytes)


takingthepiss.jpg (37188 bytes) WAR & PISS!

Dishonorable discharge?

Much indignation when a drunken student (hardly an oxymoron) urinated on a War Memorial recently...

Isn't making water better than making war?

Read on



PenguinsClimate.jpg (92939 bytes)


When I wrote this piece in 1978, it might have seemed far-fetched. I was merely voicing concerns that were beginning to be heard about the then-new phenomenon of Global Warming or the Greenhouse Effect as it was referred to at that time. (So far back? O yes!) My warning proved prophetic. There is now scientific consensus that Climate Change is a reality. It's already happening...

Weather Forecast

Tuvalu Adieu

bananabanner2.gif (13598 bytes)


humbug.jpg (85716 bytes)

Grudging concession to festivity.

Get your cloyingly sweet cliches here










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