New Year's Day, Jan 1st 2024

Well, hello to a brand new year:



let's adore

yet more days

& wonderful ways


wake up

see what we'll make of it


on umpteenth day of the umpteenth year
lost count
no big deal
addiction to fiction

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Opening a new Diary

Nearly said Dairy but I'm vegan

Here we are! How lucky.

Happy not to have hangover! So sunny...  gloriously sunny. Then, progressively more cloudy. Changing always.

Nonsense couplet cos I like the word, moxie.

being foxy
with more moxie

& again:

another stanza

Jan 2nd 2024

2nd Jan. - Atom first split (1918)

no winoweh
not a lion
except symbolically
as I am also
like a tiger
burning bright
yes bloody

no ninja
tho I like
Japanese culture


(Drawing of the archetypical ninja

from a series of sketches of Hokusai.)


pointless to complain
it will wane before I go insane
so hardly germane

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but cut the crap
keep your trap shut

let there be

some jazzy 

 snazzy shenanigans

Jan 3rd  more nonsense encore, just like the words:

we had a spat
& that is that
more than you'd have believed

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when a kid
used to go to jumble sales
whereas now I rummage for things

Britain or  America


keep track
if people sass back
take it as an attack

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Jan 4th Eleventh day Of Xmas: 11 pipers piping!


New page, assiduity

if I'm poetic
it's just noetic


Jan 5th Sky overcast grey maybe rain again later. Lowering sky. In the gloom before the gloaming. Nontheless lucid.

Brightening up now. Kind-hearted thoughts towards all.

Many lacunae in this. Avoiding effrontery about weather. Culminating in calumniation?

Meanwhile on a cosmic scale, astronomically, it has been speculated by renowned astrophysicist, Brian Cox, that stellar behemoth Betelgeuse, a Red Giant. in Orion will become a Supernova? Only a guess The video I'm watching is narrated by annoying A.I. that wrongly pronounces words.


Doofus the stupid

reindeer was late

Jan 6th - created nonsense

Today's Epiphany, Feast of the 3 Kings, Les Trois Rois.

May bake a cake as they do en France.

Christmas Decorations to come down too.

Made William Blake page.

Jan 7th

am a scrivener
in various senses of the word
it can be magic
tragic & all


(As well as writing, I can also tell the future by shapes revealed

in smoke, water or crystal ball)

vent it
do what you will

Jan 8th - Realized that Dollar & Dolour are homophones. Interesting!

dollars make me feel dolour
may be a scholar
but live in comparative squalor
a little off colour
as it were

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           Created /scouts.

feeling so low
in a solo
tip to toe
will I grow

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 he's a veritable halfwit
truly a twit
a bit into lit
like a nitwit
by another name
same difference
if you know what I mean

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Jan 9th -  Created Mrs Blake

Re-watched the film 'Psycho':

don't worry
won't be staying
at the Bates motel
in a hurry

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Created: Funambulist


Jan 10th

ate then
 absurd words

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Jan 11th - Another, Samuel Beckett.

Jan 13th





BLUE sky, cold...

New page, Awen.

Jan 15th - Ditto: BLUE sky, cold...

Jan 16th - Sunny but cold. Getting old. Aren't we all? How appalling.

New page, cluck

Jan 17th -

not one for swank
or swagger
 tend to stagger

 bit of Rorschach blot
naughty not haughty

Warm, sitting in sunshine behind window pane. Brain melting.

ho hum
some dumb glum scum
succumb to numbness
in a nearby slum's 'lum'
fo fum

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Jan 18th -

so it's really not too late
to make affirmations
feel great elation
have all sorts of sensations
or make oblations to god

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white doves
grey doves
same old young loves

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Tried tricycle! I like the trike!

Jan 19th

in Medici massacres
much bloodshed
many bled

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Odalisque, new page.



Jan 20th -  Red sky in morning, a warning to us.

Jan 21st

don't be a twat
say where you're at

Apophatic, Sacerdotal, Cataphatic? Am a bit discombobulated! Aren't you?

Went for jaunt on powered mobility scooter in icy wind. Collecting toilet rolls. Refreshing.


Jan 22nd - Madness! My charming wife has thrown a shelf of books across the living room. Son has kicked me in the balls & sworn at me. I stay calm.

stay calm
amid the harm
thrown books
angry words
as if they don't care

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Jan 23rd - Could we chop weblog with axiom?

Cold wet.

New page, /franciscan

Just remembered:

Dad taught Lolly our budgie to say 'bugger the cat' cos it once took him in his mouth. I named the budgerigar, when I said 'I want,

want a lolly'

Jan 24th - Sunny cold. Wind continues. Hoping no damage to trees.
What a day. Technical problems with website.

Jan 25th - Another day.

Jan 26th - Wind stopped eventually. Sunny. Warm behind window panes indoors.

Working online. New page, /Munch.

Jan 28th - Technical probs. Grr.

New page, on Samuel Palmer.

Jan 29 th -





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777 pages in my website.

Jan 30 th - new page, Hopper.

Jan 31st - new page, Ernst.

Feb 1st - Imbolc, cross-quarter day.

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Feb 2nd - hope am having Cataract seen to today. Must pray to Saint Lucy. Old age, sickness. heading for death.

Made it passed 69 anyway.

Feb 3rd -

Buddy Holly
not so jolly
died in plane crash
at 22 years old
that's not long
wrote & played
some wonderful songs
changed the face of rock & roll
still sounds good today

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Feb 4th - Need to be a patient patient!

Feb 5th - Blue sky, few clouds, cold. Must see Doctor. Ho hum. Waited over 5 hours to be seen in hospital. Frustrated. Gave up & left.

Feb 6th - Anniversary of father's birth in 1915. More uncertainty about my health

Feb 7th - Hospital. Stayed overnight. Medication to keep high Blood Pressure under control.

Feb 8th -  Heavy snow. Brrr!

Feb 9th - New moon.

Feb 10th - Year of Wood Dragon

Feb 13th - Hospital Eye Centre.

Feb 14th -  Valentine's Day.

New page, Charley.

Feb 15th Encouraging if someone would TIP Yours TrulyTM, say, the cost of a coffee/tea...This vast website is offered FREE!

Feb 16th -  New page, foggiest.

Feb 17th - Finally, new page on sister.

Feb 18th - Twinges of pain. Mustn't whinge about it.

Feb 19th Einstein, new page.

Feb 20th - my son, Osker's Birthday. He is now a teenager. We went to Odeon Lux cinema & watched "Migration''. Had meal.


Feb 21st - Thought:


better than


 don't you agree

Feb 22nd - Kay & I are going to see 'Bob Marley: One Love' film this evening...

Saw him perform many years ago. He did Redemption Song before it was officially released.

Praise JAH!

Wonderful film!

Open photo

Feb 23rd - Sunny day. Warm behind windowpane in my room.

Feb 24th - Preparing to extradite Assange to USA. Wrote this long ago.

Full Moon today.

once when I was a a boy
had a stamp collection
suitable for inspection
I was proud of it
including a victorian stamp
gone now lost
o well
so it goes


Feb 25th - sunny & cold out. Warm indoors.
Feb 26th - Kay, my kind consort, & I going to cinema today. Excited.


Enjoyed. Excellent films.

Feb 28th - Dentist & Cinema to see Hamlet. Action-packed & lack of action day.

image description


The film was wonderful, acting& editing. We, Kay & I, watched it yesterday evening.

New page, /hockney

Feb 29th - Leap Day, 2024 being a Leap Year. I intend to leap a little. It's good exercise!

March 1st - Saint David's day. Hey hey. Daffodils.

March 2nd - Finally got hold of a copy of Hamlet by its real author. De Vere.

The Tragedie of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark




Delighted De Vere is finally being recognised as the real author of the works of Shake-spear










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