Welcome to this blank canvas, as it were.

It will get coloured in during the course of the forthcoming 365 days of our new circuit round old SOL INVICTUS. (Started this page 1st Jan 2021)


& we've begun
another orbit round our Sun

let's hope this one
proves much more fun
before it's done



(Earth 'circles' around our local star in an ellipse or oval, which doesn't have a  distinct beginning or end, of course.To be more precise, apparently, Earth's orbit has an 'eccentricity' of less than 0.02, ie it's very close to being a 'perfect' circle. Earth like Yours Truly TM  is only slightly eccentric!
And don't be so conventional or square, consider other geometrical forms. Our planet makes a revolution of the sun annually. Political revolutions sometimes take longer. Why not start one now?)


It should not be forgotten that Calendars are FICTIONS. There are many different culturally-specific calendars. In this country it happens to be 2021. Now, 2021 is not really a THING. It's only an idea. So when, people say, as they will,  that they are glad 2020 is over, they don't quite seem to get it. Nothing was transmogrified at the stroke of midnight on 31st Jan 2020, except maybe in your mind or mental attitude.

Meanwhile, while you're waiting, with bated breath, twiddling your opposable thumbs...

You could do worse than occupy yourself with perusing the then NEW pages I did last year in the never-to-be forgotten 2020

Talking of the Sun, don't forget the MOON,

our good Earth

& the rest of the UNIVERSE

or whatever you do:

Here & Now

(Look a SUNBEAM, home of the Hummingbird)


So last year I know but...

that boring Pandemic, is proving more than just a flash in the pan, as big C contagion continues unabated, the vicious virus mutating merrily & spreading wth gay abandon (especially this Yuletide passed & into the "new" year) to the consternation of us all.

Don't wish to rain on anyone's parade. Call me a cynic. Possibly a realist. Fresh new start, New Year's Resolutions, Morning-after hangovers ? Remind yourself of this, the millenial mother of all new years, longer ago than some of you have been alive, I suspect.

Are you surprised to discover that in brand-new Brexit Britain, with control having been taken back, apparently, old-fashioned Neo-Liberal Capitalist  Consumerism  with a pale green veneer still rules the roost. Talking of eggs breaking & making omlettes, sorry to prophesy the price of food will rise.


Am already playfully working on a few new10.gif (1226 bytes) pages,

to be revealed soonish or laterish.

Watch this space.

         Try this for size:

                          new10.gif (1226 bytes) click pic

                            More coming soon




2021 (11th November) marks the Centenary of the first official Poppy Day (Remembrance Day) in 1921. Unfortunately, wars are still being fought. There will. of course, be many other Anniversaries, happy, unhappy & who-cares?)

1821 - Keats died 23rd Feb

Looking in the rear view mirror:

Late News

Vision 2020 (Grim Hymn)










 Yours Truly TM born - 1951



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To those new to this site, please note it's a HYPERTEXT. If/ when possible, please view & read the page in its entirety AND also go back to click each internal link (some pictures included). The links are fun to follow (bringing you interesting, entertaining juxtapositions) & are part of the overall design. You'll get the idea as you go along. It's fairly easy to find your way around.


As nothing is set in stone, this page is worth revisiting from time to time, parfois even, if you feel inclined. Each & every page can be improved & I'll continue trying to do so, tweaking as I go, as time & energy allow, while I'm still capable. Might (almost certainly will) die with some typos intact on this website legacy of my life.

Well, not to worry, as one of my "heroes," dear old Sam said:

"Every word is like an unnecessary stain on silence and nothingness."

click pic?


Click pic?

(name & form, empty of inherent existence, sunyata, nothing more or less than 'Quantum' foam or something)


Please enable audio in your browser to enjoy the delights

of Nils Frahm: My Friend the Forest

from his live album released 3rd December 2020



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